Hello 2018!

Photo: My mom and I celebrating New Year’s! I just got an email from someone about my blog, and it made me realize how many months I’ve let gone by without updating this baby! This is a good time to say that I LOVE chatting to people about the application process and my experiences here, so […]

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3 months into my 2nd year

Photo: me at a mirador in Finlandia this past weekend! I’ve been slacking; sorry! In my free time, I’ve been busy cooking at home, traveling, mentoring, and hitting the gym. That’s right…I AM GOING TO THE GYM. I found a gym last month that was literally a block away, but I didn’t know it was there […]

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Wrapping up my time in Bogota!

I have a week and a half left Bogota, and while I will miss several people here, I miss NYC! A lot. I miss my favorite burger made at the Dram Shop in Brooklyn, ordering from my favorite Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants, being in my own culture that is unique to NYC, and most importantly, hanging […]

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Good news!

We´re in April now, and I have two months left of my grant here in Bogota. BUT…I get to return to Colombia in July!! In early March, I applied for a Senior ETA position, and I received it! I cannot be more excited. I will be placed in Pereira, a beautiful, small city in Colombia´s […]

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Moving forward

According to this article: one “should expect phases of adjustment. These stages usually are: Initial excitement of the honeymoon period Period of confusion and worry Recovery phase Repeated culture shock followed by re-recovery Finally, there is a breakthrough“ Not sure where the hell I am, but the good thing is that I´ve been able to […]

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Cultural differences are a #$@&#

These past few weeks have been difficult for me. All of a sudden, I feel like I’ve been dealing with cultural difference after cultural difference after cultural difference and they all have gotten to me in some way. Perhaps, I am more homesick than I thought. Perhaps, that is making me feel more sensitive than normal. […]

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